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Longshui Road (South), Longkou Economic Development District,
Longkou, Shandong, China 
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  Longkou Ren He Ultramarine Chemical co., Ltd. is located in the Longkou Economic Development Zone, which is in one of the most fertile and most beautiful cities facing the Bohai Sea—Longkou. East of the Weiwu Highway and Delong Railway, west of the Longkou International Container Port, and only 60 miles away from Yantai Laishan Airport, the location of Ren He is excellent for land, sea and air transportation. Ren He is also close to Dalian and Tianjin, important port cities in east China.

  Longkou Ren He Ultramarine Chemical co., Ltd, total assets are 60 million RMB. The total area of Ren He is 28,000 sq. meters, and the construction area is 15,000 sq. meters. We have more than 200 workers, among them, 30 are top engineers and scientists for new product development. The production ability of Ren He reaches 8000 tons per year, including high-end products— No.465#, No.467# and higher grade products (5000 tons per year).

  Possessing the leading technology and the latest crafts, the company is experiencing healthy and fast growth. The solid integration of research and development along with manufacture and sales, helps us go further in this field.

  Our high-end products, such as 467、468、RH467#、RH468#, are without a doubt on the same level as the congeneric products abroad if not better, with 10%-15% higher tinting strength. To keep the high quality of the products, we also pay careful attention to environmental protection and emission reduction. Among the many ultramarine companies, Longkou Ren He Ultramarine Chemical co., Ltd. is the only one that uses the technology of flue gas desulfurization in China. The content of lead in Ren He’s products is lower than 20ppm, which can be further reduced if requested by customers. The current level of heavy metals in our products is lower than the environmental requirements for non-toxic chemicals in Europe, the US and Japan.

  Longkou Ren He Ultramarine Chemical co., Ltd. was and is faithful to the spirit of cooperation with all of our current and potential clients. Ren He is open to friends from all over the world and looks forward to the business cooperation and bright future for both of us.


ADD: Longshui Road (South), Longkou Economic Development District,Longkou, Shandong, China   
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